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Moved To Tears By Newborn Skin , Presented Banner As Respectation

"In my entire life, I never had any urgent desire and also has never been as superstitious as this year or believe in god. From the beginning of this year, when I realized the white spot on my forehead is vitiligo, I do not have a day to quit praying for God's blessing, only wish to get ride of the white spot on my forehead and make it disappear as soon as possible.and hope it can be treated more quick. It still brings my tears down when I recalled that moment.
August 5, 2015 ,Beijing time, this is just a common Wednesday for oridnary people, but for the native Beijing citizen Ms. Tu, today seems is a very special day, today is the day which she officially said good bye to the past and ushered in a new day. in the early morning, Ms. Tu is properly packed with pockets packed as a mysterious gift in her hand and came to the Chengdu Meidi Beijing Traditional Chinese medicine skin disease hospital director Li dengfangs room door.
"Director Li is the" living god " in my eyes ,this banner is what all I want to say to the director li"
Beijing time 8 am, today ,after half an hour of waiting, painted Ms Tu finally met the director Li, inmediately,she carefully took out a bag out side writted "noble medical ethics and superb skills" banner and hand it in to the hands of the director Li, Ms. TU was feeling very exciting and with tears in her eyes, but all what she said is just a simple words "thank you, director Li, thank you, director Li
Dates back to the Events on May 2015 14
Patients MS Tu (a pseudonym), from Beijing Dongcheng District, at the beginning of the year of 2015 for unknown reasons her forehead appeared the vitiligo and been seeking for treatment here and there, and have tried all kinds of applied drugs, but unable to get effective control. With the failure of treatment again and again, Ms. Tu got inferiority daily , spent the night underthinking about the meaning of life and get bored and why she should bear so much pain, she thinks "face career" has been destroyed at present, and get afraid to go out with friends, afraid to face other people's sight even though the hair coverd the forehead, I always feel that others know about my disease, feel depressed when facing the others sights ,as consider of the situations like MS tu , her family was anxious, her family had a clearly informations about Beijing Meidi Chinese medicine skin disease hospital by a accidental chance through television network, under the overall consideration, family came to the hospital for treatment.With holding a glimmer of hope
"She was a very outgoing person and beautiful too, all is good, but the vitiligo has caused her a completely different personality" said by friends and relatives
On April 5, Ms Tu was accepted to get treatment by vitiligo experts - Li dengfang director Li who is good at treating the difficult miscellaneous diseases, after taking admission, director Lee personally check her illness, formulated the individualized treatment programs, actively confessed the condition to the patients family and after the prognosis, then she puts forward a further treatment advice. Li dengfang director also give up her rest time, daily rounds, careful observation patient's condition, and give Ms. Tu psychological counseling, relax, relieve pressure, eliminate the anxiety and depression in order to make the patients symptoms disappear, through the blood SOD 1 Qubai technology treatment, the disease has been effectively controlled, now white spot is almost completely disappeared, Ms Tu finally revealed confident and charming smile.
"Now she has returned back to the optimistic personality, but still need to pay more attention to health , ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" when talked about nowdays Ms Tu, the family is obviously super happy.
"We have to praise this doctor, we patients need this doctor! Thank you Beijing Mei Di chinese tradational skin diease Hospital !" family members of patients repeatedly urged on us.
This is what we should have done, Beijing Meidi Traditional Chinese medicine skin disease hospital all staffs sincerely wish every patient all the best and timely cure the vitiligo.
when it comes to the event of the patients banner ,Director Li dengfang said, "when we hear thanks and praise from the patients and their families, this is a huge and precious praise to our medical service and ratification for Mei Di chinese tradational skin diease Hospital .We will also take this as a driving force, provide a better service for each patients who come to our hospital and let them feel like they are at their own home.


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