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Vitiligo is Cured and I Can Have a Healthy Baby

Vitiligo is Cured and I Can Have a Healthy Baby, Vitiligo[Prereading] A couple asked :"Doctor, can my disease of vitiligo be cured? And will the disease will be passed to my children?" That are what the lady asked in Wang Yongsheng ‘s clinic. The woman in large clothes and the abdomen bulged who is estimated to have a four to five months’ pregnant time. Behind her, a thin and tall man, her husband seized her had tightly which showed that they were very worried for their baby.

Hoping the coming of a baby, but the disease of vitiligo comes

Jiang Yu (assumed name) is 29 years old who have been married for 4 years and wished to have a baby. This year, she had her baby in her abdomen, but she also got the disease of vitiligo sadly. Firstly, there appeared a little white patch in her neck, and she ignored such thing. After two months, the areas of these spots are bigger and bigger with a increase number. Then her husband took her to the hospital to make a diagnosis which showed she got vitiligo, which a big strike for the family. According her knowledge about the disease, which is hard to cure and with the feature of heredity. 

With many aspects of consultations, they came to Beijin Meidi  Hospital

Since getting the disease, Jiang Yu was anxious and afraid to inhere it to her baby and wanted to cure the disease as soon as possible, but she also afraid to hurt the baby in the process of getting treatment. After the comparison of many hospitals, they decided to Beijin Meidi which is the biggest skin specialist hospital with a effective treatments introduced by her relatives. Without any hesitation, she went there together with her husband. 

SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology: safe and green without worries to remove the white patches

After careful diagnosis, the doctor Wng Yongsheng told her:” Vitiligo is a kind of disease with a low incidence of heredity . But the stage of pregnancy is special time, there will many limitations in treatments, so we advice you to take the special method: SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology”

Later, the couple know about the SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches technology which is the most safe, convenient, fast and effective technology for all stages or ages people, especially the pregnant women and physical weak people. >>>How much is the cost of SOD blood 6 + 1 removing white patches?

Doctors tips: as a special group, the pregnant women should be pay enough attention of the security. In order to ensure the quality of therapy, it should let the experienced expert to make treatments plan.


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