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A Two Months Recovery Case:a 9-Year –Old Boy with Whit Patches

Review:a 9-Year –Old Boy with Whit Patches,VitiligoTom (assumed name) got vitiligo for more than one year, and he got the local therapy without a ideal effects. Then his relatives introduced the Beijing Meidi Traditional Chinese Medicine Skin Disease Hospital to him parents. After a two months’ treatment, it worked.
[Basic informations]

Name:Tom (assumed name)

Age: 9 years old

Gender: male

Symptom: vitligo on faces for one and a half years

[Disease history]

In the early stage, the parents just saw a little white patch on the face, the size is like a soybeans. They asked Tom if he feel pain or itch. Tom without that feeling, so the parents thought it will disappear someday.

After a year, the whit patch didn’t disappear, but grew into a coin-size spot. In this situation, the parents took Tom to the hospital in a hurry and was diagnosed as vitiligo. Taking drug with a degree of effect early, but in the late stage it can’t control the expansion at all, so they decided to find a doctor of Meidi hospital introduced by the others. 


When they came to Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Hospital, the expert made a various of tests for the children, such as American Skin CT, Wood lamp, as well as trace elements, combined Tom’s life habits, environment and so on, finding the cause is the lack of trace elements, and the improper treatment in local hospital which increased the expansion of white spots. The lucky news was that there werw a small number of melanocytes under the skin CT detector. 


According to tests reports of Tom, the experts made a concrete treatment plan for him,which through SOD blood 6 + 1 remove white patches technology can quickly activate the SOD (superoxide dismutase) activity factor, remove anion free radicals rapidly and efficiently, rebuild the damaged immune system, eliminate melanin cell antibodies, improve the activity of tyrosinase, and improve the absorption of trace elements copper, zinc and ion. In the same time, take drug for internal adjustment to improve his immunity and resistance of disease.


Through this concrete treatment program of four times illumination, there appear many black spots obviously in the white parts. After one month of treatment, white areas narrowed and the color faded. After two months of treatments, white patches disappeared basically. At the last month's consolidation therapy, white patches completely disappeared without signs of recurrence until now.

Experts conclusions: the treatments of childhood are different from the adults, we should take the safety in the first place. Before finding the real causes, parents mustn’t abuse drugs to the children, they should go to the professional and normal hospital to get a systemic and accurate diagnosis and treatment, which can effectively treat vitiligo.

Little tips: the vitiligo treatment department of Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Hospital is setted up by the authoritative experts, they can accord to differences of patients, stages, color to make a concrete recovery plan, which is more safe and fast. If your children is still bear the pain of vitiligo, you can click the hot line of experts to get a consulation.


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