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One-year Baby Recovery Case with Eczema

One-year Baby Recovery Case with Eczema,EczemaSymptoms 
A little baby named Tom with the disease of eczema behind his legs. The parents took him to the hospital three times. The first time they are advice to have the some aqueous cream. They took bath and use it, while the effects are not that obvious. So they went to the native hospital second time they are given a light steroid. This time the effects are still not work, and the condition don’t get improved. They went to the third time of the hospital, and the doctor gave them much stronger medicine. They used some other kinds of cream recommended by doctors and other health visitors. After all, the only work medicine is the steroids. For so long time of drugs and therapy, the condition didn’t get any improved. The parents get worry about baby. They decided to find other professional hospital for help, and stop the use the native hospital’s drug and therapy.

Then they were introduced by the relatives of their, and search the internet to know about the circulation about Beijing Meidi TCM skin hospital and called their online doctor to discuss the baby’s condition. They find the TCM therapy is safe and reliable.

So they came to Meidi hospital, get the combination therapy of the western medicine and TCM therapy. After a period of therapy, the oozing condition is improved greatly, and the red rashes disappeared gradually.

Finally, they went home and took the drugs to get a further step of therapy and adjust of baby’s condition at home. The eczema is cured.

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