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A Mongolia Woman Vitiligo Treatment Experience In Our Hospital

Thammasi came from Mongolia, she was 36 years old when she came to our hospital to treat her vitiligo. She got vitiligo 7 years ago on her arm, waist, thigh and feet, when she came to our hospital, her vitiligo was still spreading. She treated her vitiligo on many places and used many treatments but still can not get much treatment effects, She came to our hospital in June 2016, she stay in our hospital to treat her vitiligo for about 20 days and her vitiligo got some improvements in our hospital. In the following part, I’d like to introduce her treatment experience in our hospital.

Before she treated in our hospital, she tried diet therapy, massage, herbs and some external use medicines and orally take medicines. But all these treatments all failed and when she almost disappointed and want to gave up her treatment, she saw our website about vitiligo treatment in our hospital, after saw so many vitiligo patients got good treatment effects after treated in our hospital, she plucked up her courage again.

When she came to our hospital, the doctor HuaGuo Zheng as her attending doctor, he first carefully observed her vitiligo and arranged some tests for her. After the specialist Zheng saw her diagnosis report, he arranged some treatment for her.

We combined traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with some large scale medical instruments to treat her vitiligo. In view of the vitiligo areas in her face is quite small, so the doctor arranged the 308 laser to treat her vitiligo on waist. The doctor arranged the carbon light therapy and silicon light therapy for her to treat her vitiligo.

The doctor prescribed her some medicines both Chinese medicines and western medicines to treat her vitiligo. Use Chinese medicine to get rid of the poison in her blood, use medicine to adjust her whole body.

During the treatment period, our doctor pay close attention to her vitiligo condition changes. After 20 days treatment in our hospital, her vitiligo stopped spreading, some melanin sites started to generated in her vitiligo parts.

After she finished the treatment in our hospital, our doctor prescribed some medicines for her to continue the treatment after she came back to her country.

She was quite satisfied her vitiligo treatment and thank our doctor for their cares during her hospitalization period.

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