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A Malaysian Female Treated In Our Hospital

A Malaysian Female Treated In Our HospitalAmeea Fiaza came from Malaysia, is a 32 years old woman. She got vitiligo in her face, shines, groin and sexual parts. She got vitiligo for about 5 years. Her vitiligo was spreading when she came to our hospital to receive the treatment. She once tried many ointments and creams such as Tacrolimus Ointment, Pimecrolimus and etc but still could not cure her vitiligo, after trial and error, she finally finally received systemic treatments in our hospital and got quite good treatment effects.

At first she applied these external use medicines got some treatment effects, so she insisted to applied these medicines for about 2 years, but with the time went by, she found these medicines could not played a role in her. So she stopped applied these medicines, later, her vitiligo came back and even worsen. She knew she needed to found other combined treatments for her vitiligo. Finally a friend of her introduce her went to our hospital to treat her vitiligo.

Ameea Fiaza came to our hospital in 12th February, 2016, specialist YunTao Liu checked her vitiligo and arranged some tests such as biochemical test, melanocyte test, blood test, trace element test and etc.

After saw the diagnose report of her, the doctor diagnosed her vitiligo as segmental vitiligo, her vitiligo distributed along her nerve segments, distribute unilaterally, we also found her immunity is quite low.

The doctor asked her several questions, asked does her once had serious old before she got vitiligo? She said yes, our doctor found out she got vitiligo because of low immunity and got cold, these two factors combined together and finally induced her vitiligo. So according to her vitiligo symptoms and her physical conditions, the doctor treated her vitiligo mainly with traditional Chinese medicines and accompany with some western medicines.

In view of some of her vitiligo on her private parts, the doctor arranged her Chinese medicine fumigation and Chinese medicine bath. These two treatments can help the patients absorb the medicine by the skin rather than the gastrointestinal which decrease the damage of the medicine to their body. Besides the Chinese medicine with mild drug properties. After treated for about 15 days, her vitiligo started to stop spreading and had some melanin pigment generated. After one month treatment, her vitiligo finally had great improvement.

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