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Indian Vitiligo Patient Treatment Process In Our Hospital

Vishal came from India, he is 37 years old, got vitiligo 5 years ago among his face and was spreading quite fast. He treated his vitiligo in may 2016 in our hospital and received quite good treatment effects. The photo I put below is his vitiligo before the treatment.


Indian Vitiligo Patient Treatment Process In Our Hospital

Vishal tried many treatments in his country like Ayurvedic treatments, herbs, message and many other ointments, creams before he came to our hospital to treat his vitiligo.

He once got good treatment effects, but once he stopped using the medicines, his vitiligo recurrent again and even worsen. After the trial and error, he realized only external medicines and messages can not get rid of his vitiligo from the root.

He later search the treatment for vitiligo in the internet and saw our website. He saw our website for about 5 months, after fully understand the treatment in our hospital, he finally decided came to our hospital to treat his vitiligo. After two months treatment in our hospital, his vitiligo got controlled and half of his vitiligo restore the normal color, he is quite satisfied with their vitiligo treatment. The photo I put below is his vitiligo after receive the treatment.


Vishal came to our hospital in may 2016, our translator lead him go to register and sign the basic information of his and take him to see the specialist YunTao Liu. YunTao Liu comprehensively observe his vitiligo and asked him whether he often stay up late and have bad life habits like over drinking and over smoking, he said because of the work he engaged on, he often stay up late and drinking and smoking heavily.

So the doctor YunTao Liu suggest him abstain his bad life habits and arranged him to take serious tests like skin scan, antibody test, blood test and etc. From his diagnosis report, the doctor saw his immunity is quite low, he also have anemia symptoms.

The specialist Yuntao Liu make a targeted treatment plan for him. He prescribed some medicines for him, especially Chinese medicine for him. In view of his vitiligo now is in the spreading stage, the doctor Yuntao Liu did not put the restore the color as the most important one. Instead, he think the most important thing for him is stop his vitiligo from spreading.

So the specialist YunTao Liu make the four steps to treat his vitiligo.

First is to comprehensively diagnose the causes of vitiligo to find out the true causes of vitiligo. The second step is to stop the the development of vitiligo. The third step is to restore the color of the vitiligo. The four step is to do consolidation treatment to prevent it relapse, only these four steps combine together, can we call it a relatively perfect vitiligo treatment plan. These four steps is the instruction theory of the UVB multidimensional vitiligo treatment.

After half months treatment, his vitiligo start to stop the spreading and have now melanin generated. After one month treatment, his vitiligo began to restore the color, after two months treatment, half of his vitiligo restore the color.

He is quite satisfied with the treatment, after he finished the treatment in our hospital, our doctor prescribed him some medicines for him to continue the vitiligo treatment when he come back to his own country.

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