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A Swissess Vitiligo Patient Recovery Story

a Swissess vitiligo patient recovery storyAngel came from Switzerland, female, 28 years old. She had vitiligo for about 6 years, diagnosed with sporadic vitiligo. Her vitiligo first started at the hands and gradually spread to her legs, face, breast and etc. After receive the systemic treatment in our hospital for about one month, her vitiligo have melanin generate, appear the sign of recovery. I’d like share with you the story about her vitiligo recovery.

Six years ago, when Angel was 22 years, old, she found some white spots in her hands, the color is quite shallow so she didn’t pay much attention to that problem. But later, her vitiligo started to expand, the color of her vitiligo whiter with the time went by and even spread to other sites such as legs, face, breast and etc. She came to the hospital to took a test and finally diagnosed with sporadic vitiligo. She was so desperate at that time, because she known vitiligo is quite hard to cure. But she did not gave up and actively to search a cure for her vitiligo. After twists and turns, she finally came to our hospital to treat her vitiligo.

She came to our hospital to treat her vitiligo in the may 2015, when the specialist YunTao Liu check her vitiligo, he just saw her vitiligo on her one hand, and then pointed out her vitiligo on other sites and said her vitiligo is symmetrically distribute in her body, Angel was so excited to heard that, because all he said was all right, so she have great confidence let specialist YunTao Liu as her attending doctor, she deeply believed under the doctor YunTao Liu’s treatment, her vitiligo have chance to be cured.

After systemic diagnosed her vitiligo, the doctor found her accompany with anemia and other autoimmune diseases, her zinc content is quite low. So the doctor YunTao Liu made targeted treatment for her.

The specialist YunTao Liu arranged the treatments like Chinese medicine bath, Chinese medicine fumigation and some Chinese patent medicine to adjust her internal organs, get rid of the blood poison in her blood and then use western medicine to restore the color of her vitiligo. Two weeks later her vitiligo sites have melanin pigment growth, after one month treatment in our hospital, the vitiligo in some parts of her body restore the color. She was encouraged greatly and believe that if she insist the treatment, her will finally overcome the vitiligo.

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