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A Vitiligo Patient Come From Myanmar Achieved Good Treatment Effects

Hlaing now 31 years old, he is a electric welder in Rangoon. In 2008, an accident cause he suffered from serious wounds in face. After his wounds healed, there are several white spots remain in his wounds. He went to the hospital to disgnosed with vitiligo. He once treated in many hospitals and tried many medicines but even though his vitiligo had no changes, when he was almost decided to give up the hope treat his vitiligo, he encountered an advertisement in our website, he was deeply encouraged by the successful cases of the patients treated in our hosptial, so he came to our hospital in 2017 to receive the treatment for about one month, after he return back to his home, his vitiligo have great improvement, although, did not completely restore the color, but he believed that finally he will recovered from vitiligo totally. In the following part, I’d like to make a detailed introduction about the process about Hlaing vitiligo treatment process in our hospital.

Like many people, Hlaing want to pursuit a better life and went abroad to work after he graduated from high school, in that time he was 17 years old. He once went to India, Singapore and Malaysia to work, during he work in a Malaysia company period, one day, when he do the welding, some sparks splashed into his face, he feel burning pain and immediately went to hospital to treat, this accident cause large area wounds in his face and the wounds is quite deep, so after his wounds recovered, there are several large white patches in his wounds and did not disappeared. So he went to the hospital and diagnosed with vitiligo.

In that time, he was quite desperate, because vitiligo is called one of the three stubborn skin diseases in the world. Since that time, he start to desperately want to find a cure for his vitiligo. He went to treat his vitiligo in India, Singapore, and Malaysia, tried many treatments like corticosterone, protopic, tacrolimus, Ayurvedic treatments, phototherapy like laser, UVA, UVB and etc but have no results. As a young people bloom in his youth, the vitiligo tortured him a lot, he afraid others stare at his face and seldom go out. This photo is his vitiligo before he treated in our hospital.

vitiligo before the treatment

After he come to Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital, the doctor YunTao Liu take a comprehensive tests such as blood test, tyrosinase test, antibody test and find out that his immunity is quite low, he lack of trace elements such as copper and ion. The doctor YunTao Liu make a targeted treatment according to his symptoms. After the treatment about 2 weeks in our hospital and take some medicine with him come back to his home to continue to treat his vitiligo. His vitiligo get some improvement but not quite great but his vitiligo get controlled, so he came to our hospital to receive the second phase treatment in December 2017. The below photo is his photo during the treatment process in our hospital.

Vitiligo on face during the treatment

This time, our doctor in view of his vitiligo now at stable stage and the area is not very large, so we do the epidermal skin grafting surgery to him and accompany with the phototherapy and Chinese medicine. Through the auto epidermal skin grafting surgery, transplant the normal skin to the skin lesion to supply the normal melanocyte and restore the metabolism of the melanin in the skin lesion.

Although the auto epidermal skin grafting surgery have quick treatment effects, but it doesn’t means it supply to every vitiligo patients, this treatment suit to the segmental and localized vitiligo, but not suit to the progressive vitiligo, the patients long term use the external medicines like hormone also not suitable to adopt this treatment. After received the surgery, his vitiligo almost restore to the normal skin color, he was so excited that he agree to receive the interview and want to encourage other vitiligo patients in the world to continue the vitiligo treatment. Here is the photo after received the treatment.

vitiligo on face

Every vitiligo patients should harbor confidence, insist the scientific treatment, their vitiligo have chance to cured. If you have any question about the vitiligo patients recovery story, welcome mail to


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