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A British Vitiligo Patient Got Good Treatment Effects

a british vitiligo patient

The patient Alice is 45 years old female, come from British, she got vitiligo for 35 years, her vitiligo is generalized vitiligo and spread in many parts of her body such as in the breast, neck, back legs, hands, trunk sexual organ and etc. Before she come to treat her vitiligo in our hospital, she also treated her vitiligo in many other hospitals and have no results. After trial and error, she finally choose to treat her vitiligo in our hospital after saw our website in her country and got quite good treatment effects. In the following part, I’d like to tell the improvement of this British vitiligo patient vitiligo and wish it can encourage you to treat your vitiligo.

She came to our hospital to treat her vitiligo in may 21, 2016. Before the treatment, specialist YunTao Liu take a comprehensive tests for her and find her lack of trace elements zinc, copper, iron and her immunity is quite low. Our specialist found that she accompany with thyroid disease, so the specialist YunTao Liu pay attention to treat her thyroid disease first and then make targeted treatment for her vitiligo.

The specialist YunTao Liu arranged several treatments for her, among these treatments have Chinese medicated bath, Chinese medicine fumigation, western medicines and etc. The specialist YunTao Liu take her situation into consideration that she only can stay in China for one month according to her visa, so the doctor YunTao Liu make a specialized treatment for her, he make a comprehensive treatments for her and arranged her many treatment items.

After 10 days treatment, her vitiligo had erythematous response, half months later, she had melanin pigment generated in her vitiligo sites which makes her feel very excited, her vitiligo once treated in many hospital but can not get any result but now saw the melanin pigment in her vitiligo site, her eyes welled up, she finally saw a ray of hope in her vitiligo treatment after trials and errors in her vitiligo treatment.

Our specialist YunTao Liu also happy for the result, during her hospitalization period, our hospital send her the Chinese calender and some gifts, care about her emotional changes, the doctor often do psychological counseling for her to encourage her set up confidence to treat her vitiligo that helped her kept a very good mind stage during her hospitalization.

Our doctor also arranged some sports for them, the doctor told her that regularly exercise can help to increase her immunity. After one month of the treatment in our hospital, it’s time for her to came back to her own country, her vitiligo achieve great treatment effects, she is quite satisfied with her treatment result and decide the next year will revisit our hospital. She deeply believe that if she insist the treatment and never give up, her vitiligo will finally cured. if you want to know more about the vitiligo patient’s treatment effects in our hospital, welcome mail to


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