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Mother And Daughter Suffering From Vitiligo

Mother And Daughter Suffering From VitiligoThis is a true story which truely represents the patients who has vitiligo and how did they fight against with vitiligo. Mother named Zhao Lifang, 37 years old young woman, but who knows that she has been suffering from vitiligo since she was at the teenage . Her daughter named Lu Wenting ,only ten years old young little girl, who has been suffering from vitiligo when she was 4 years old . So the mother and daughter set their foot on the path of the fight against vitiligo.

Mother Zhao Lifang has carried Vitiligo since she was ten years ago, becasue of poverty, she never got any treatment. After marriage, she has three children, life is not very rich, but the family are very happy. Unfortunately , five years old daughter also diagnosed as vitiligo, in order to get the best treatment for her daughter, the family tried their best, but the child's condition seems didn’t get better.

When talking about the condition of her daughter's illness, Zhao Lifang said: when she was born, everything seems normal,but when she was 5 years old, I suddenly found her feet and legs appeared small white spots, and later gradually found the white spot continues to enlarge, I suspect the situation is as same as me. After had a medical examination in hospital , its vitiligo, i was totally disappointed, such small children have vitiligo, what she can do in the future. We took the children to vitiligo hospital in Wuhan, but the doctor just gave some medicine to us, it effectly worked at the begainning, but slowly lost its curative effect.

Director Li dengfang director told us, Zhang Lifang’s daughter previous treatment is palliative, it only turned the color of white surface into darkening , but it can't cure the root of vitiligo -- lack or loss function of SOD in the blood (Superoxide dismutase) , but vitiligo will still continue to spread.

Through the examination to the mother and daughter Zhao Lifang found that their blood SOD is pretty lower than normal, but SOD clinical reference range is >2.65, the mother of the examination results is 0.6, the daughter is 1.37. so obviously, they are lack of blood SOD reactive energy which can not remove blood anion free radicals, lead to immune system abnormalities, tyrosinase activity decreased, increased in the zinc ion, trace element copper zinc ion and finally lead to vitiligo.

Experts applied the SOD removing Leukoplakia technology to mother and daughter which directly cure from the source of SOD blood , it is a major breakthrough in time and space, and finally the mother and daughter get health.


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