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A Man Recovered From Vitiligo

vitiligo patient storyMa Chao 34 years old, come from Luoyang city Henan province, he have vitiligo for about 6 years, as a man, he want to be a strong man as his friends the same age as him, although the fate is unfair to him, although he have this stubborn skin disease for 6 years, he still think he is very lucky and thank for every one who once helped him.

He found our hospital through the internet, after a period of treatment, you saw the obvious treatment effects, he feel very happy, when the doctor told him that after a period of time he can check out, but in that time, he received a emergency phone call from his home and told that his father have heart attack need a large amount of money to treat his heat attack, so he have no choice but give up the treatment when he received the best treatment effects.

The surgery of his father is relatively successful, this is the best news he received. Although because of his father’s surgery, he borrowed a large amount of money from others, but he have confidence that he can pay off his debts through hard working, he latter found a driving job with salary about 2000 RMB per month, use several years he pay off his debts, he no afraid of hard working, you deeply believe that everything will fine finally.

He feel lucky that he meet so many kind people who helped him. During he work period, he received a phone call from the expert Zheng, he told him our hospital can apply for assistant money for him, wish he do not give up treatment in the critical time of his vitiligo recovery, he turned down because he want to use more time to earn money to raise his family, but what made him surprise was the director Zheng sent him the medicine, when he read the lines “boy, the life will never disappointing everyone who hard working for their life”, this words he deeply believed.

He thank all the things our hospital did for him, although maybe at this moment he can not afford to continue receive his treatment, but he have a strong heart, he thank the medicine expert Zheng sent to him, you think our hospital gave him hope, let him felt the warmth in this world, he will keep hard working.

Our hospital combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with large scale medical equipment, water therapy, gas therapy, Chinese medicated bath, Chinese patient medicines, western medicines and so on. Vitiligo is a stubborn chronic skin disease, earlier found earlier treatment is the best policy of vitiligo treatment.


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