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Vitiligo Success Story

vitiligo patient recovery storyChaHua Dong, female, 38 years old, have vitiligo two years ago have no obvious incidents, found vitiligo on her face and then gradually expand, later there are vitiligo with different sizes and irregular shape with clear boundary have no hurting, itching or other uncomfortable feeling spread to her forehead. After she have vitiligo, she go to a TCM hospital in her local and diagnosed as vitiligo, this hospital prescribed some orally take traditional Chinese medicines and external medicines, the specific medicines and dosages are not very clear.

Later, she go to a hospital in HangZhou to treat her vitiligo got some treatment effects but after she stopped taking the medicines, her vitiligo relapsed. Her vitiligo now is still spreading.

To get better treatment effects, she come to our hospital, before she came, she is very worry about the treatment effects and afraid her vitiligo relapse after her vitiligo recovered.

After she admitted in our hospital, she learn about the advantages of the photodynamic therapy in our hospital, it can stop vitiligo spreading, resist against it relapse, after she treated her vitiligo about 7 days, she saw some treatment effects and very excited, she later increased the time to stay in our hospital, after 15 days treatment in our hospital, she came out of our hospital and take some medicines with her.

We advise her take medicines on time after she come back to home, after she revisit our hospital, the vitiligo on her face basically restore the color, herself also very believe in the treatment effects of photodynamic therapy and volunteer to show her photo to encourage other patients do not give up treatment.

Our hospital combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with some large scale imported medical equipment, we also adopt Chinese medicated bath, internal and external use Chinese patent medicines, electroacupuncture, gas bath, silicon light, carbon light, western medicines and so on, there are hundreds of treatments in our hospital, we make a personalized treatment plan for every vitiligo patients according to their symptoms, we absorb the advantages of Chinese medicines and western medicines, we use Chinese medicines to get rid of the poison from the blood of the vitiligo patients, to adjust our internal organs, use the western medicine to restore the color of vitiligo, the Chinese medicines are abstract from the pure plants so it without side effects to our body, Chinese medicines treat vitiligo from the whole body, compare with western medicine, it have longer treatment effects and will greatly decrease the relapse rate of vitiligo.


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