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A Successful Recovery Case of an Chinese Vitiligo Patient

vitiligo patient storyXiaojuan Zhang 32 years old, have a daughter, she have vitiligo about 10 years, she is now still stay in our hospital. She once treat her vitiligo on one hospital in Xuezhou city, the doctor diagnosed her disease as vitiligo, she did not received any treatment at that time.

Later she come to several big hospital to treat her vitiligo, she once treated her vitiligo in a hospital in her local place for about 2 years, her vitiligo at the began is light white with unclear boundary, is invisible unless under the wood lamp, she thought it is not a big problem since it is not clearly, have no much influence to her life, the patient want to treat her vitiligo but she worried about the treatment expenses and treatment effects, it is understandable.

She also once collect some information about Guodan Hospital, but talking about word of mouth, Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital is better than Guodan, after she admitted in our hospital, the assistant doctor learn about her basic situation, he arrange her in the same ward with another vitiligo subsequent visit patient named Zhixing Jiang with the same illness state, this patient very satisfied with the treatment effects and her treatment effects is very persuasive.

Xiaojuan Zhang originally decided stay in the hospital for about 7 days to control her illness sate first, in view of her illness state, to get better treatment effects, when the doctor check the wards second day of her stay in our hospital, he talked with her about half an hour, talked about the treatment process for the patient clearly, the patient was moved to cry, the patient have strong desire to treat her vitiligo, her husband also support her to treat her vitiligo, doctor and her husband together to persuade the patient having her head shaved and let the assistant doctor clearly examine her vitiligo under the wood lamp again and make a systematical treatment plan for her.

Our doctor combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with large scale medical equipment to treat her vitiligo, we also use medicated Chinese bath, gas bath, electroacupuncture, silicon light, carbon light, internal and external use Chinese patent medicines, western medicines, UVB and so on to treat her vitiligo, our doctor check the wards every day and watch closely her illness change and will adjust her treatments according to her illness change state.

Several days later, she saw there are melanin pigment growth in her vitiligo and decided to changed the time to stay in our hospital for about 7 days into one month, after saw the hope, the vitiligo patients feel more and more confident about her vitiligo after see the treatment effects.


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