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A 13-year Vitiligo Female Recovery Case in CASU Hospital

A 13-year Vitiligo Female Recovery Case in CASU Hospital,Vitiligo There is a female who named as Zhangjie Zhou, 25 years old. She is a Chinese who has suffered vitiligo over 13 year. The white spot occur firstly on the right side of her belly, then the condition spread to face, neck, trunk, hand and legs.

She went to the native hospital, the doctor told her that is vitiligo and she should do a skin grafting. The skin of neck afterward the treatment got repigmentation, but the relapse occurred 2 years later. She went to many hospitals, but there were no obvious effects. In recent 1 year, the back and armpits occurred new ones.

She is only 25 years old, and she wants to be look beautiful. She never gives up treatments, and she knew about Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital by chance. The patient has seen many patients, and the doctor advice her to cut all her hair to be bald. She was brave enough than the other girls.

After a system of treatments, in the 7th day, there shows some effects of black dots on her faces, she was so thrilled that she weeped. After 15 days treatments, the effects are more obvious. She has to stopped the treatments for her occupation sake, but she didn’t stop her treatments. And she took medication for further treatments. 1.5 months later, she came to the hospital one more time, the doctor was happy to see the obvious effects on her face. The further 7 days treatments of hospitalization and another 3 months medication at home, she got a recovery.

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