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The Story of a Young Girl Finally Get Rid of Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentXiaojuan Tang, female, 20 years old, she come from Hengyang County Anhui province, one year ago, she have vitiligo with coin size on her forehead and have no obvious causes and later her vitiligo expanded gradually, she hospitalized in Affiliated Hospital of Changchun TCM University and other hospitals after her vitiligo onset but didn’t have obvious treatment effects.

She was very anxious in the university, she always felt other people stare at her, her study is also serious influenced by the disease. She was depressed and almost lost her confidence to the life.

But once she accidentally heard about Beijing TCM Vitiligo Hospital have great effect in vitiligo treatment from her relatives, she came to our hospital for it’s good reputation, once she come to our hospital after a series tests and diagnosed by Doctor Zhen, he made a series comprehensive treatment plan according to her illness state, only after 2 months, her vitiligo gradually recovered, her gradually regain her confidence to the life and came back to the beautiful university.

Although vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it have great chance to cured only if you have confidence, persistence and patience, adopt proper way to treat your vitiligo, can you vitiligo finally can cured.

Vitiligo can be infected by mental state factors, if you have vitiligo, you’d better keep a good mood and try to avoid over anxious, keep a good life style, do not stay up late, do not eat too much foods rich in vitamin C such as grapefruits, pineapples, lemons, tomatoes, hawthorns and so on. Try to avoid external injuries, avoid over exposure to the sunlight, avoid eat or eat less stimulating, pungent, spicy foods like hot pot, chilies, dog meat, mutton and so on, eat more foods contains mineral substances, trace elements like copper, iron, zinc, iodine and so on. You can eat more beans, bean products like mung beans, jumble beads, soybeans, black soya beans, beancurd, skin of beancurd, soybean milk and so on.

Our hospital is a specialized vitiligo hospital, we adopt a systematically treatment plan to treat vitiligo, we combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine along with some large scale medical instruments to treat vitiligo, we also use silicon light, carbon light, UVB, light therapy and so on to treat vitiligo, we use internal and external medicines to treat vitiligo, include water therapy, Chinese medicated bath, gas bath and so on. There are hundreds of treatments in our hospital, we make a treatment plan for every individual patient, because the types and causes of vitiligo are different, the vitiligo also have individual difference.

We first will systematically diagnose vitiligo patient’s illness state, only find out the true causes of vitiligo, can we make a right treatment plan according to the patient’s illness state, we will treat vitiligo according to syndrome differentiation principle, syndrome differentiation is a way to treat vitiligo in traditional Chinese medicine, is to treat vitiligo according to the symptoms, based on five elements include metal, wood, water, fire and earth these five elements traditional Chinese medicine holds that it is the five basic elements in the world, the world is constructed by these five elements.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that vitiligo caused by the evil-wind entered our body and finally formed vitiligo, the causes of vitiligo is unbalanced Yin and Yang, internal organs disorder, we need to balanced the Yin and Yang, adjust our internal organs and finally can get rid of vitiligo from the root.


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