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Juvenile Vitiligo Recovery Case with Chinese Medicine

Juvenile Vitiligo Recovery Case with Chinese Medicine,VitiligoDelong Tong, 19 teenager, is a Chinese who lives in Liaoning province the northeast of China. He can’t remember the vitiligo attack time, cause clearly because he was too young that time, but the disease of vitiligo accompany with him the whole adolescence. As the family said that the first sign was a nail-based white spot on belly. Finally the vitiligo spread to the whole belly and the right wrist, and both feet all show the same symptom.

When the first sign occurred, the family had brought him to the native hospital for diagnosis and treatment, the doctor told them that the color loss was vitiligo and gave them many oral medicine and external creams without obvious effects. Then they went to the capital of china, the vitiligo area showed repigmentation, but the spreading condition occurred, so the other area also got vitiligo that worsens the embarrassment and inferiority. The bad mood also let vitiligo a further step of development.

One day, his sister known about the Beijing CASU Vitiligo hospital from her classmate whose father was also a vitiligo patient and got obvious treatment effect. The family wanted to have a try, so they come Beijing CASU Hospital. The expert Zheng received them and gave him a careful and specialist test and arranged hospitalization. With the patient cooperation, the white spot boundary turned clear and there are black dots in the middle of white patches. It has been more than ten years of vitiligo, it can’t get a complete recovery in short time, and with the patient patience and specialist treatment, the condition get obvious effects beyond his thought.

After 3 month treatments, he had the confidence and smile on his face. If you wan to know about more recovery cases, you can consult our online doctor, and you can also send your own problems to and hope we can give you a professional solution.


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