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6-year Old Girl Vitiligo Recovery Case in China

6-year Old Girl Vitiligo Recovery Case in China,VitiligoA Chinese 6 years old girl who was diagnosed as vitiligo, when her father found a white patch on her face some day 1 year ago. The native dermatologist gave her some external medicine as well as some of the oral medicine. But there was no improvement at all, and the condition spread to the other areas like head, front chest, the back, waist, hand and feet that cause the parent to be very scared about it.

The Children Day of 2016 was a happy day for children, but the little girl cried because she can’t wear a white and beautiful skirt. Her heart is heart and she feels ashamed for it. The change of their daughter make the parents upset too. Therefore, the parent decided to find a effective treatments for her. The father saw an advertisement of Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital, and they want to have a try, so they came to Beijing on June 14.

The expert Zheng received the patient and her parents. After the doctor know about the patient’s treatment process, the nurse helped to make a blood test and woods lamp test. The doctor Zheng knew about the details of her condition to make a treatment plan for her personal condition of vitiligo.

It is a system of treatments, the common treatments are only laser, UV light, creams that are far more enough. The cream, tablets, injection, infusion, Chinese herb medicine, and so on that can compose a system of treatments. After 10 days treatments, her condition is sensitive and the vitiligo is not long time, so the head area has shown some of the pigmentation which brought hope for their children. The trunk also showed good effects with big areas of pigmentation islands. The initial plan was to have a 15 days’ hospitalization. The effects were so obvious, the father prolonged the treatment time to 25 days.

After another time of treatments, 80% of white patches were removed. She can back to school like the peers. If you wan to know about more recovery cases, you can consult our online doctor, and you can also send your own problems to and hope we can give you a professional solution.


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