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The Vitiligo Recovery Case of a 14 Year Girl in China

vitiligo patient storyYingying Sun, female 14 years old come from Liao city in Shandong province, two years ago when she look in the mirror, she saw many white patches on her face, she did not pay attention to at that time, several months later, she found there are more and more white patches appear on her face and spread to her hands, feet, trunk, arms and legs, she is very terrified after saw that.

Her parents later take her to a hospital in Shandong province to diagnose her disease, the dermatologist diagnosed her disease and prescribed some internal and external take medicine to her, after 2 months take medicine not only have no effect but also her disease even worsen, Yingying was depressed in that time, she once a outing going lovely young lady, after she have this disease, she refused to talk with others and go to school. The changes of Yingying made her parents at a loss, they take Yingying to many places tried their best to find a cure for their daughter, they tried many prescriptions and medicines and have no effect, just in that time when they almost hopeless thy saw an advertise in TV station about Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital, they take their daughter to our hospital, after carefully test by our Director Zhen, he known about her illness state in detail, he arrange Yingying to check in our hospital.

After 18 days treatment in our hospital, most of the vitiligo in her face and head recovered, on that time, the smile start to reappear on her face. After two times further consultations in our hospital after she check out, the most of white patches on her body restore the color, Yingying can go to school happily like other peers.


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