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The Story of a Young Woman with Vitiligo Regain Beauty

patient storyZhangjie Zhou 13 years ago accidentally discovered she has vitiligo and have on obvious trigger factors, she found she has vitiligo on her right rib skin and gradually expended to her face, head, neck, trunk, arms, legs and other parts of her body, she once treated her vitiligo in a hospital in Guiyang, and determined is vitiligo, she receive a epidermal skin transplanting surgery and medication treatment, his vitiligo on her neck, abdomen and buttock began to restore the color, but two years later, the vitiligo on her neck, abdomen and buttock relapsed again.

In 2013, Zhangjie Zhou come to Guiyang Armed Police General Hospital to treat her vitiligo for her vitiligo spread to her face, the vitiligo on her right eye corner start restore the color after the treatment. But in recently one year, she have new vitiligo on her fore breast, back and armpits.

She is a 25 years old girl, at her most beautiful period, but because of vitiligo, her appearance disfigured seriously. Year in and year out searching for a cure for her vitiligo tortured this young girl and made her not aged well, but Zhangjie Zhou did not give up treatment, after comprehensive inquiry, she finally come to Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital to treat her vitiligo, long time treatment make her more keen observation to a hospital than other people. After explained by Zhen Director and her own observation, she finally decided to check in our hospital to receive treatment. Because she have vitiligo on her head, so she had her head shaved, this is decision not easy for many girls even for many boys, finally after 7 days treatment, there are obvious melanin pigment generated in her vitiligo, her eyes welled up because she known her treatment is effective and all her efforts did not waste. After 15 days stay in our hospital, she has to check out but that dose not mean that she gave up her treatment, she back to home continue to treat her vitiligo by taking medicine, one half month later she come back to our hospital to diagnose her vitiligo, Director Zhen was very happy after saw her vitiligo, because her vitiligo on face and head completely recovered. Zhangjie Zhou also very happy, after 7 days consolidate treatment, she checked out and continue to take medicine to treat her vitiligo, after 3 months treatment, she finally recovered. And tell you a good news, she also find her soul mate.


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