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A Depressed Young Boy With Vitiligo Finally Recovered

vitiligo patient storyYanjie Huang vitiligo patient have vitiligo 10 years ago without obvious trigger factors, he accidentally found his scalp skin have vitiligo and gradually expended, he go to the XiangFan railway hospital to test his vitiligo and finally determined his disease is vitiligo. The doctor prescribed some external use Xiaobai tincture and orally take medicine to treat his vitiligo, his scalp vitiligo restore the color but unluckily half year later his vitiligo relapsed and gradually quickly expanded to his face, neck, fore chest, back, abdomen, waist, arms, legs and other parts of the body. Later the patient treat his vitiligo in a hospital in Nanyang, they give him a surgery to planting the melanin pigment to his right jaw, his right jaw vitiligo start to restore the color.

Nearly one year, his hands began to have vitiligo. After many years treatments always disappointed when they have hopes with the new vitiligo appeared on his skin. Long time use hormone, the side effects appeared, the vitiligo quickly developed, he finally have weight problem, produced obesity wrinkles, Yanjie Huang more and more self abased and gradually loss his heart. Later he heard about Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital mentioned by others, although he lose his confidence to recover but under his family’s persists, he come to our hospital and see the doctor Zhen director, when our doctor Zhen saw the the dreary patient, he known it’s the result of long term disappointment, so he decided to encourage him, he said whether he has girl friend at the start of their conversation, whether she care about his vitiligo, does he have job, the boss and coworkers thought of him, whether he have economical ability and how he take care of his patients when they are old?

Under these questions, the young man’s tears run down his face, our doctor Zhen understand he already broke his mental prevent line, let him face his disease directly, and then doctor ZHEN said you can believe me, after a series tests, our doctor Zhen arranged him to check in.

After 8 days stay in our hospital, he saw the obvious effects, in addition to this, in view of long term treatment already consumed almost money of this family, he applied assistance payments for him, he was so excited and stay in our hospital without misgivings. We wish him a speedy recovery and get rid of the disease finally.


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