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A Successful Vitiligo Treatment Case of a Chinese Young Man

vitiligo patientOne day in 2010, Yingjie Chen found his left ear have a vitiligo and quickly spread to his head, face, right ear, fore chest, back, waist, abdomen, double groin, private parts, perianal region, armpits, hands and feet, he come to our hospital to do the treatment and have some effects but he is not satisfied with his treatment effect after our director Zhen’s treatment, he checked out.

In the later six years, he had come to many vitiligo hospital whether it is a big one or small one, after take injections, take medicines, acupuncture, inject the melanin, surgeries and varies kinds of treatments, he not only spent a lot of money but also suffered a lot in these treatments and missed the best treatment time, with the time goes by, the size of his vitiligo is enlarged day by day, his pigment loss more and more, even his eyebrow turn white and finally he suffered a lot of discrimination from others.

So Yingjie Chen come to our hospital again, the color of his vitiligo on his face and head became porcelain white is very hard to recover, but Director Zhen did not give up the last ray of hope, after 20 days treatment, 10 days more than other people he began to see some effects, under the special treatment plan of director of Zhen, his treatment effects became more and more obvious, his illness state is very serious but after 2 months treatment, he finally recovered, our director make a miracle. After two months treatment, a handsome guy finally come back, Yingjie Chen is a baker, baking French deserts, he gave up his dream because of his illness state, after he see the hope, the first thing he did is to pick up his dream, find a job, he is going to marry his lover next year, we wish him in the future days will stay away from any disease.

Yingjie Chen also indicate that he will continue to do consolidation treatment and try his best to treat his vitiligo become the happy life is waving hands for him.


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