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A Case of a Handsome Boy's Vitiligo Cured After 3 Months Treatment

vitiligo caseDelong Tong did not remember the pathogen of his vitiligo because he have vitiligo in very young age, what he only known is the vitiligo accompany all his puberty, we known the right side of his abdomen have a nail size vitiligo ten years ago from his family members, later the vitiligo gradually extended and spread to his entire abdomen hips, his right hand wrist, right lower extremity and feet have vitiligo, his family members take him to a specialized vitiligo hospital and diagnose his disease is vitiligo and prescribed many orally take and external take medicines to treat his vitiligo but it dose not work; later his family members accompany him to treat his vitiligo in a specialized vitiligo hospital in Beijing, although there are a few melanin pigment generated but his vitiligo did not controlled even extended, his self abase feeling worsen with his disease development.

One day his elder sister saw an advertisement of Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital, he want to have a try and come to Beijing to treat his vitiligo.

After take a series professional tests by director of Zheng Huaguo, he arrange Delong Tong to stay in our hospital to treat his vitiligo after he detailed explain his illness state and make targeted treatment plan, under the patient’s cooperation and director of Zheng hardworking, his vitiligo boundary gradually become more and more clear after half month treatment, there have melanin pigment islands generated in the vitiligo, the handsome guy slowly become more and more confident when he see his vitiligo surrounded by melanin pigment gradually. The Director Zheng told him his vitiligo get a good treatment results but need to continuous receive treatment, his vitiligo must scientifically treated after many years disease, can not recovery just treat once and for all.

Finally after 3 months treatment, his vitiligo make he suffered so many years cured, the patient’s confidence and smile also reappeared in his face.


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