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A Successful Vitiligo Treatment Case

vitiligo patient storyOne day a year ago, yuanyuan’s father stumbled on a white spot on her face , her parents immediately take her to do a test in her local place and determined it as vitiligo, the dermatologist prescribed her some external and orally take medicine after diagnosis, but it doesn’t work and the vitiligo even worsen and spread into her head, fore breast, back, waist, abdomen, arms and legs, her parents were very worried about her illness state.

In 1th June 2016 this International Children’ s day, every children celebrating this day throughout the country, Yuanyuan was crying because she could not wear a white dress because of the vitiligo on her body that hurt her heart deeply, she became more and more self-abased that made her parents very said but more steady to treat their daughter’s disease, once they stumbled on an advertisement about Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital, they want to have a try and took her daughter to our hospital in 14th June.

After director Zheng know about the patient’s treatment course, and take a blood test of Yuanyuan and take her to do a wood lamp test, he detailed analyze her illness state and arranged her to stay in hospital and made a personalized treatment plan for her, the parents of Yuanyuan after careful observe of our hospital’s professional treatments and in view of the safety of their daughter, they quickly decided to stay in our hospital to treat their daughter’s disease. After 10 days of her stay in our hospital, there are melanin regeneration of the vitiligo on her face, her parents saw the hope, they find her daughter’s body appeared large area melanin island and joined together, their dream is finally come true slowly, the smile come back to her face, they planed to stay in hospital for about half month after they saw their daughter’s vitiligo began to recovered, they decided to stay in our hospital for about 25 days!

Her father take Chongqing specialties and smile on his face come to our hospital to review her daughter’s vitiligo, the result make him very happy, this time only have some peanuts sized vitiligo on her fore breast, back, waist, abdomen and buttock. Her father ask to stay in our hospital to strengthen the recovery of this a few pieces of white spot area.

After the treatment, every time her parents saw the vitiligo patients will told them our hospital’s treatment effects and the advantages of our hospital to help many vitiligo patients who have no access to a specialized vitiligo hospital to help them set up the confidence to get rid of vitiligo.


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