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Patients Stories

A Malaysian Female Treated In Our Hospital

Ameea Fiaza came from Malaysia, is a 32 years old woman. She got vitiligo in her face, shines, groin and sexual parts. She got vitiligo for a...Read More

Indian Vitiligo Patient Treatment Process In Our Hospital

Vishal came from India, he is 37 years old, got vitiligo 5 years ago among his face and was spreading quite fast. He treated his vitiligo in ...Read More

A Mongolia Woman Vitiligo Treatment Experience In Our Hospital

Thammasi came from Thailand, she was 36 years old when she came to our hospital to treat her vitiligo. She got vitiligo 7 years ago on her fa...Read More

A Patient From Congo Rehabilitate From Vitiligo In Our Hospital

Martin came from Congo, he was 34 years old. He got vitiligo when he was a little body. His vitiligo started on his legs and later spread to ...Read More

Vitiligo Patient From South Africa Treatment Process Story

The vitiligo patient John came from South Africa, he got vitiligo in 2009. His vitiligo started in fingers and gradually spread to his wrists...Read More

A Swissess Vitiligo Patient Recovery Story

Angel came from Switzerland, female, 28 years old. She had vitiligo for about 6 years, diagnosed with sporadic vitiligo. Her vitiligo first s...Read More

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