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Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo Disease Hospital

Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo disease specialist hospital is a first Internationalization, scale, specialization large-scale modern Dermatology Hospital which approvaled by the Beijing Administration of traditional Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, it is also one modern Dermatology Hospital which can keep sharing medical technology with world's top skin disease treatment and research institutions for the first time. It maintains close contact with many high-end medical institutions such as: Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries , and repeatedly sent couple of experts for exchange medical learning, Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo hospital is located in Beijing CBD area, which has convenient transportation, comfortable and elegant medical environment, with a total area of more than 11000 square meters. Beijing Zhongke(CASU) TCM Vitiligo specialist hospitals employed many skin diseases experts in various fields, it has advanced equipment, well educated teachers. The hospital always adhere to the patient as the center, continue to strengthen discipline construction, and promoting medical technology innovation, improving service details, to create a world-class skin disease specialist.

Well known doctors gathered, forge excellent efficacy

Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo disease specialist hospital has the international first-class experts team, more than 30 domestic experience, superb skills, qualifications deep famous skin disease experts perennial diagnosis; most of them are the top level experts whom mainly focused on the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease , they are especially specialist in clinical diagnosis treatment and academic research, and they have build up a quite influential prestige in the international skin disease sector. Through powerful alliances, to carry out international cooperation in scientific research, Beijing Zhongke vitiligo specialist hospital is now reached a resources sharing cooperation agreement with the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries medical treatment and scientific research institutions, Beijing Zhongke undertakes the large-scale academic conference, build a platform for medical research, regular communication, learn from the latest research results from overseas, through joint development technology research to ensure the medical treatment on the top level .

Top experts gathered

Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo disease specialist hospital is a modern professional hospital which has advanced equipment, complete specialties, abundant technical force , it gathering teaching, scientific research, clinical medical, prevention, health care, rehabilitation as one . Beijing Zhongke vitiligo specialist hospital now has more than 50 middle and senior technical personnel , which include returnees, study foreign tutor, Professor, researcher, clinical director, associate chief physicians and 25 famous expert. In the thirty years of scientific research results which developed by professor Lin zhengxian, the treatment program of “6+1 blood UM-D” is recognized as the national key medical project, and it has been promoted to the whole country. Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo hospital comprehensive care for each health of patients with vitiligo. SOD blood 6+1 treatment program for removing leukoderma technology has been identified as the national key medical projects, tens of thousands of people has been cured over here.

In order to set up the enthusiasm and ideal medical humanities brand ,show the perfect medical services, Beijing Zhongke(CASU) Vitiligo disease specialist hospital vitiligo diagnosis center now has set up a series of system from disease detection, diagnosis, treatment to rehabilitation nursing , but also improve the condition of patients medical environment, the realized the electronic display screen medical guide, a full range of medical services, network management, expert consultation, expert authority special treatment system, and a senior cadres ward, VIP ward, senior leisure area, fraternity supermarkets, painting and calligraphy exhibition and other special facilities, to meet the personalized needs of different classes of patients with vitiligo, greatly convenient to vitiligo patients for medical treatment.

Advanced diagnostic equipment, superb medical technology

In order to provide professional, advanced detection and treatment services, Beijing Zhongke TCM Vitiligo disease specialist hospital have purchased a number of international cutting-edge skin disease diagnosis and treatment equipment, including 3D skin CT, MRA magnetic wave therapeutic apparatus, cell discharge poison instrument, the super oxygen blood purification instrument, the America 308 excimer laser therapeutic instrument, hardware capabilities in Beijing and even the whole country has its unique advantages, it has greatly further promote the clinical diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases technology of our hospital reached the international advanced level, it also provide a series of safe and reliable guarantee for the accurate diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and health care. Beijing Zhongke(CASU) vitiligo hospital has a high reputation in the overseas as its advanced therapy. According to the most advanced physiology - heart - social medical model theory in international medical community , Beijing Zhongke(CASU) TCM Vitiligo disease specialist hospital has gradually explored a series of special therapy for curing vitiligo skin disease , Its truly based on the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, with traditional Chinese medicine treatment of skin disease as its features and apply the unique Chinese traditional medicine formula, with high-tech physical therapy, molecular laser treatment and other advanced means, expand a differentiation treatment to all kinds of skin disease, and have the advantages of short course of treatment, quick, green, reliable, safety and no side effect etc.

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Vitiligo Department

Vitiligo department is an important hospital’s setting up and development characteristic section, which starts a new theory of specialist disease, specialist section and specialist therapy and advocates the scientific, formal, accurate, rigorous, and personal therapy for every vitiligo patient. There are many Chinese famous skin experts with obvious advantages. There are many many experts who have studied the international and Chinese vitiligo cases with decades of years of experiences, they have exquisite diagnosis methods and rich medical knowledge.

Based on the US medical facility of world leading 308 excimer laser skin treatment apparatus and black light therapy, reaching the personal specialist therapy to every patient. Based on the different patients, unique trigger, age, gender, physical conditions and disease condition and so on. We apply different therapy plan for them, so the recovery rate is obvious increased of the disease that is difficult to cure and easy recurrence. That avoids the same therapy for all of the patients, so it is the brand of Zhongke hospital, a professional and authoritative institution many patients can relay on, which brings the good health news for the most of the vitiligo patients.

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