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Healthy living methods for Vitiligo diseases patients include individualized diet and foods, mental health, exercise, etc.

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Avoid Injury And Over Exposure To Prevent Getting Worse Of Vitiligo

If you always get over exposure under sun, it is easy to occur skin inflammation, especially the naked areas of your skin, such as face, head and hand. Those areas melanin are easy to be destroyed, losing the capability to synthesis melanin...[ Read More ]

4 Tips for Skin Disease Care

S kin care is a significant topic for the ones who want to be look younger and without wrinkles. Youd better have spare time to look after your skin. Good cares for your skin and a healthy lifestyle can delay the aging process. There are fo...[ Read More ]

The Prevention In Daily life For Psoriasis Patients

The bath for psoriasis patients can improve the condition. The water shouldnt be too hot. And bath is better than shower, and the proper water degree is 32-37. And the patients get the severe type of psoriasis, the water degree should be re...[ Read More ]

The Proper Sleep Habits For Psoriasis Patients

Psoriasis patients shouldnt stay up too late. The sleep has a significance to recover of the secretion and immune system. If you are in a sleep-deprived condition, your immune system will decreased and the easy to be angry. That is bad for...[ Read More ]

Winter Health Care Of Psoriasis

As we all known that the temperature in winter weather is very cold, vitiligo patients should pay special attention to keep their body warm, and do not let the psoriasis affected skin stimulated by the by cold air, it can aggravate the symp...[ Read More ]

Preventive Knowledge Of Vitiligo

As we all known that vitiligo is a very complex skin disease , any internal or external factors can trigger it. So vitiligo patients should also know some basic daily prevention methods of vitiligo. Here are some valuable tips: 1, food tabo...[ Read More ]

Psoriasis Patients:Love Yourself And The Rest Will Follow

Smile everyday Smile will bring good luck to you, and smile can also ease your psoriasis condition. Life is a mirror, you smile, your life smile. Dont quit your day dream If you take a great pressure from your condition, when you have your...[ Read More ]

The Questions Of Psoriasis You Should Prepare Before You Consulted A Doctor

Patients want to know about the relative solution of their condition. But for the doctors they should also know about your condition firstly. So you can also know about the questions and prepare the answers. Question 1 The disease related t...[ Read More ]

Winter Heath Protection Of Psoriasis

Winter is the high incidence season of psoriasis, Recently, when the winter comes, the temperature also begin to decrease gradually, if the psoriasis patient is affected by cold stimulation, it will produce a series of physiological changes...[ Read More ]

Daily Nursing Of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is the most common skin disease which appears in recent years , and it is a very common disease, it can not only in affect the body of vitiligo patients, but also skin Guaizhuang will deeply impact the patients self-confidence due...[ Read More ]

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  • Jin zuyu - Psoriasis Doctor

    Liu yuntao - Vitiligo Doctor

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    More than 30 years, he devoted himself to clinical research on vitiligo with TCM, and put forward his safe treatment basis to the treatment of three...

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  • Li Dengfang - Vitiligo Doctor

    Li congyou - Vitiligo Doctor

    Expert :

    Graduated from Clinical Medicine of Chengde Medical College, she ever further studied in Peking Union Medical...

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  • Wang yong - Vitiligo Doctor

    Zheng Huaguo - Vitiligo Doctor

    Expert :

    He has been specialized in research of skin disease and pigment disorders for more than 30 years...

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