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Healthy living methods for Vitiligo diseases patients include individualized diet and foods, mental health, exercise, etc.

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How Does Vitiligo Patients Face Mental pressures

As we all know that all kinds of pressure and white patches in life brings a lot of mental distress to vitiligo patients, in the invisible increase the condition of vitiligo. How does vitiligo patients face these pressures? There are a lot...[ Read More ]

What Is The Daily Nursing Care Of Infant Eczema

Infant eczema is actually kind of an acute or subacute eczema which mainly occurs in the head and face.Generally it induce after a two weeks to three months after of the baby, the bilateral lesions mainly occurs at the position of the cheek...[ Read More ]

Daily Recuperation Of Pregnant Vitiligo Women

As well all known that it is very important for vitiligo Patients to do daily life nursing, it is very useful and helpful for the vitiligo treatment,as well as for the recovery of vitiligo , especially for vitiligo pregnant women groups, th...[ Read More ]

The Nursing Care Plan Of Psoriasis

The psoriasis patients need the professional treatment and they also need the nursing care. The treatment cooperates with nursing care plan can get a positive effect. Step one You should take care the infection. The virus infection can decr...[ Read More ]

Correct Healthy Living Of Psoriasis

As we all know that the cause of psoriasis is a complex and very difficult to treat skin diseases. Now more and more patients have been suffering from this disease, but also in our life is more and more common. There are many patients only...[ Read More ]

Health Care Of Pregnant Psoriasis Patient

Pregnant women needs a comprehensive nutritional supplement as they are the special group , but psoriasis has a lot of diet taboo, the pregnant women with psoriasis patients should not eat spicy, fishy foods and other foods can be selected...[ Read More ]

Daily Caring Of Vitiligo Children

Vitiligo will not only occur in adults, it will also extend to the children, so parents have to understand children vitiligo daily care tips. Here are some useful daily vitiligo caring tips: 1, maintain a good state of mind When in contact...[ Read More ]

Is There A Influence Of High Temperature On Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a intractable disease, it is hard to treat with the feature that is easy to occur again and again. In summer, people are easy to suffer heatstroke. The high temperature working environment is infaust for patients recovery. The...[ Read More ]

Limitations Of Localized Vitiligo

The treatment of localized vitiligo is a long process, the induce factors of vitiligo are various,there are also couple of daily attention things to do , patients should do the daily nursing work during the treatment in order to affect to t...[ Read More ]

Health Care Of Joint Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common chronic skin disease, the cause of psoriasis is still unknown, so it is very difficult to heal it. When it comes to the treatment for psoriasi, it not only requires to timely symptomatic treat it, but also the psoriasi...[ Read More ]

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  • Jin zuyu - Psoriasis Doctor

    Liu yuntao - Vitiligo Doctor

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    More than 30 years, he devoted himself to clinical research on vitiligo with TCM, and put forward his safe treatment basis to the treatment of three...

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  • Li Dengfang - Vitiligo Doctor

    Li congyou - Vitiligo Doctor

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    Graduated from Clinical Medicine of Chengde Medical College, she ever further studied in Peking Union Medical...

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  • Wang yong - Vitiligo Doctor

    Zheng Huaguo - Vitiligo Doctor

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    He has been specialized in research of skin disease and pigment disorders for more than 30 years...

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