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Why Psoriasis Patients' Skin is Dry

Why Your Skin is DryIt is condition with the felling of scaling, itching and cracking. Any part of our body can occur dry skin, especially the arms, legs and abdominal area. Some person are inherited to have this condition. Generally, the condition is not that serious, while it can appear fine lines or wrinkles.There are a variety of factors of dry skin.

1,Weather. The hot or cold weather. In winter, of course the skin is relative dry.

2,Sun exposure. If you in the sunlight directly without any protective stuff, the UV will penetrates your skin, resulting to wrinkles, loose skin.

3 Heat. When you are in your kitchen, you should try to protect yourself from the heat of stoves, space heaters and other facilities. And you take a shower, the water is too hot which can also led the same condition.

4, Low humidity. The dry places, such as desert with low humidity which can increase the dry skin.

5, Harsh and drying soaps. You wash your faces and take shower or bath everyday, if the soap or other stuffs you use frequently are harsh and drying, which have side effects for skin.

6, Dry skin of disease. The other disease condition such as , the psoriasis , it is a dry, dead skin disease.

And dry skin depend on your age, your health, where you live, time spent outdoors and so on. If you have a feeling of skin tightness, especially after taking a shower, bath or swim. The skin looks rough and redness. You have the dry skin.

The dry skin isn’t serious, but if it is related to some kinds of disease, you should keep your eyes on it. If you have any confused problems, you can consult our online doctors.


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