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How To Rightfully Take Care Of Vitiligo Patients

How To Rightfully Take Care Of Vitiligo PatientsAs we all known that some of the symptoms of patients with vitiligo, vitiligo patients must promptly clear diagnosis, patients with vitiligo in life can not blindly medication, vitiligo vitiligo lesions of patients with body, should pay attention to the nursing method, the infant patients with vitiligo care:

1, in fact, the milk is not the best, only suitable for the baby's milk powder is a good milk powder. The price of milk powder high, packaging and then fine, the brand is no longer hard, do not eat a healthy baby. Suitable for baby's milk powder, the first is no constipation after eating, no diarrhea, weight and height, and other indicators of normal growth, Bao Baoshui was fragrant, appetite is also normal. Then there is no baby tone, gum, no rash.

2, if the baby is iron deficiency symptoms, try to choose the content of iron and zinc rich milk powder. Trace element deficiency may be one of the important reasons for the baby vitiligo disease, so to supplement the diet.

3, the choice of formula milk powder. Compared with ordinary milk, formula milk removed part of the casein, an increase of whey protein; to remove most of the saturated fatty acids, by adding vegetable oil, thereby increasing the unsaturated fatty acids; formula also joined the lactose, including close to human milk sugar; reduce the mineral matter content, in order to reduce the burden of infant kidney; also added the trace elements, vitamins, certain amino acids or other ingredients, which is more close to human milk.

In this tip you parents, infant patients with vitiligo in their own immune system is poor, must have the correct feeding, nutritional balance, so as not to aggravate the child's condition. In nursing is also crucial, we must be careful to prevent any harm to the child, a lot of external factors are closely related to vitiligo, can not be ignored. Finally, hope that the baby can be recovered as soon as possible.

4, to take care of patients with vitiligo, we must first understand the vitiligo patients, vitiligo is the decolorization change due to local skin melanin metabolic disorders, do not have pathogens, vitiligo is not contagious, will not pass, just skin is different from ordinary people bale, so don't pay too much attention to patients with vitiligo white spots in some extent "ignore" is actually more will make patients comfortable, comfortable.


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