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Self Prevention Of Vitiligo

Self Prevention Of VitiligoAs we all know that Self prevention of vitiligo is very important thing, there are a lot of the time we often do not know what self prevention of vitiligo method, resulting in a vitiligo incidence or recurrence, most of the time, in fact, as long as it is we do the self prevention of vitiligo is completely can do inhibit the onset of vitiligo or recurrence of. Vitiligo prevention methods and what are the following vitiligo medical experts for us to introduce.

1, vitiligo patients should try to enhance physical exercise. Insist on running and doing exercises, to do static.

2, vitiligo patients should try to avoid contact with acids, chemical substances and fertilizers, pesticides, diesel oil, etc.. In particular, facial lesions, can not use whitening cosmetics.

3, vitiligo patients can not be strong in the sun exposure. This can easily lead to inflammation of the skin, resulting in damage to the melanin, the appearance of discoloration. Can be taken through the glass window in the sun, to reduce UV exposure.

4, vitiligo patients should try to avoid taking vitamin C. Because the drug in the process of melanin metabolism, can prevent the formation of melanin, and increase the severity of the disease.

5, diet conditioning. Meat collocation appropriately, eat milk, eggs, liver, beans, vegetables. Eat less garlic, too sour, too hot and lamb, shrimp, crab and other easy to send food. Do not eat or eat vitamin C-rich fruits, such as tomatoes (containing vitamin C40 mg per 100 g), jujube, kiwi fruit, persimmon, etc.. Also avoid drinking all kinds of alcohol.

6, try to control the mood. The disease is related to mood swings. Life should be fun, not to find gas. Especially the wrath of the atmosphere, easy to induce the proliferation condition.

7, in the doctor's advice, the folk prescription treatment. Such as alcohol local disinfection, with plum blossom needle beating the affected, leukoplakia change red can, 2-3 times a day, vary from person to person, there is a certain therapeutic effect. >>>>> click online consultation, to answer your questions about vitiligo disease problems

The introduction of vitiligo for many years clinical experience with the device, the introduction of ZX-Ri since the blood immune bidirectional regulation therapy, the therapy by immune activation, melanocytes repair advanced treatment principle, adjust the internal environment to achieve the strengthening effectiveness of this, known as vitiligo "completely green biological therapy" treatment. This therapy not only solve the self regeneration for a long time about the vitiligo recurrent, but also realize the immune reconstitution and melanoma cells, so as to achieve the clinical treatment of vitiligo, completely cured without recurrence of the remarkable effect. The treatment ensures the normal metabolism of the body, thus providing a reliable living environment for the proliferation of immune cells. Through the activation of immune cells, improve the performance of blood free radicals to prevent the instability and watch melanoma cell membrane, mitochondrial membrane, so that the body's DNA, RNA, dry cells, mitochondria, autologous melanoma injury caused disease again, thus against the vitiligo, finally reaching the vitiligo resistance, no recurrence in the long-term curative effect.


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