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Correct Health Care Measures Of Segmental Vitiligo

Correct Health Care Measures Of Segmental VitiligoAs we all known that segmental vitiligo vitiligo refers to the distribution of the nerve segment or section of the skin. Segmental vitiligo symptoms for one or several pieces of white patches skin areas dominated along a cutaneous nerve segment to the distribution, usually unilateral. How to do health care that prevent the segmental vitiligo?

1, patients should notice that the isomorphic reaction. Stimulate local skin induced the same type reaction, such as surgery, trauma, compression or friction, and local infection and other adverse factors caused by the limitations of inflammation or injury parts of the white spot.

2, patients should be careful of skin trauma. Trauma can make the wound skin white may damage caused due to local trauma at the nerve fibers, or the body in a high stress state, so that the body's neuroendocrine system dysfunction, reduced the synthesis of melanin metabolism.

3, patients need to learn how to prevent drug induced. There are some certain drugs and the occurrence of white patches, such as drugs containing sulfa into classification of sulfanilamide, hydrochlorothiazide, ammonia thiazides, methyl butyl urea, glibenclamide is light sensitive and sulfur based drugs such as cystine acid, m cystine acid, disulfide a propanol and penicillin amine can interfere with melanin metabolism. The commonly used thiourea, thiouracil, thyroxine, epinephrine, norepinephrine and other drugs can also affect the synthesis of melanin.

4, patients should try to avoid light exposure. Direct sunlight in summer the ground, radiation intensity, easy to cause skin inflammation after exposure, especially the head and face and other exposed parts often lead to damage to melanocytes, loss of ability to produce melanin. However, patients with vitiligo should actively and properly with the sun. Time in the sun and seasonal adjustment. For example, autumn and winter, early spring sun shines into the ground to the occasion choice around noon, according to drying time can be longer; late spring and summer direct sunlight the ground, to morning, evening is appropriate, if you choose noon when sub can be separated by glass chamber exposure, exposure time can be shorter, the number more, so that you can reduce the damage of strong sunlight on the skin, to play the role of UVA treatment.

5, diet and taboos

(1) can not be partial eclipse: in daily life should pay attention to scientific dietary conditioning, pay attention to a variety of food collocation, to ensure adequate nutrition of the human body, the partial eclipse is caused by food mix imbalance, nutritional deviations, may lead to synthesis of black pigment required relative lack of material. Therefore a partial eclipse is a bad eating habits, should pay attention to correct.

(2) feeding some of the copper containing foods: experimental data prove that the blood of the patients with vitiligo and leukoplakia tissue copper and ceruloplasmin content often significantly lower than normal people. In daily life may be feeding some copper containing foods, with some copper, brass and bronze tableware spoon to add some copper. Can reduce or exempt from the mouth or intravenous route to the drug may cause poisoning, but also as a possible adjuvant treatment of vitiligo.


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