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Daily Health Care Of Vitiligo

Daily Health Care Of VitiligoAs for vitiligo, we want to do the best protection and treatment, we must start from the daily life, and diet is the best choice for the treatment of the disease. Experts said that the daily diet of health care, it is the treatment of the disease in the future there is a great help, let the experts to explain the daily diet of patients with vitiligo.

The daily diet and health care of patients with vitiligo

1 ,as far as possible less intake of vitamin C, the body's vitamin C has a very good whitening effect, to solve the problem of pigmentation, but for the treatment of vitiligo, there is a counter effect. So patients should control the intake of vitamin C in vivo. We live in the green peppers, tomatoes, oranges and so on fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C material, should be in eating habits as the adjustment.

2,containing copper food is conducive to the treatment of vitiligo, in the food system, we can eat some containing copper or ceruloplasmin of food, the two substances can directly influence to the body of melanin formation and metabolism function. In common foods, copper is more food in the freshwater snail.

3 ,eat foods rich in tyrosine, clinical data show that the tyrosine in food can be a good assistant to the treatment of vitiligo, but this material only through the food can get better results. In the diet, to promote patients eat animal liver, lean meat, beans, black sesame, in breakfast can also drink some milk, these foods is not only contain tyrosine, also contains a lot of minerals, for the treatment of vitiligo system as a whole is very good.

4, Chinese diet health knowledge, in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that function of multiple organs of the body and the incidence of vitiligo in the liver and kidney and so on, so that according to the common sense in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), can also be in life diet eat some liver, kidney tonifying food, for example, wolfberry fruit, animal liver, and so on. All of these can be very good auxiliary treatment.

In the daily diet of your care to illnesses do best?? I think there must be lacking.! read more about vitiligo diet nursing of four points you might understand, care of disease with the purpose of learning from each other, can never be health play laugh attitude to take his own life, I believe disease will recover soon.


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