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Scientific Precautions Of Vitiligo

Scientific Precautions Of VitiligoWith the rapid development of economy, we find that surrounded by more and more people to say the words of science, in fact, science is now the standard of living, only the use of scientific methods to do a lot of things, and we will become more efficient, then, vitiligo prevention method of what science? Here to listen to vitiligo experts to introduce us in details:

1, vitiligo patients need to avoid taking vitamin C. Vitamin C is commonly used in the treatment of a variety of diseases, but vitiligo patients taking not only useless but harmful. Vitamin C enables the formation of DOPA quinone immediately restore dopa, thus disrupt the biosynthesis of melanin. On the other hand, vitamin C can not only affect the intestinal absorption of copper ions, but also can reduce the blood serum copper oxidase activity, thus affecting the activity of tyrosinase. It is speculated that vitamin C can make some patients, especially in patients with low serum copper oxidase activity induced vitiligo.

2, vitiligo patients need to avoid light exposure. Summer direct sunlight the ground, radiation intensity, easy cause after exposure to skin inflammation, especially the head and face and other exposed parts often leads to damage of the melanocytes, loss of melanin. Vitiligo patients should take the initiative to moderate with the sun. The time of the sun is adjusted with the seasons. For example, autumn and winter, early spring sun shines into the ground to the occasion choice around noon, according to drying time can be longer; late spring and summer direct sunlight the ground, to morning, evening is appropriate, if you choose noon when sub can be separated by glass chamber exposure, exposure time can be shorter, the number more, so that you can reduce the damage of strong sunlight on the skin, to play the role of UVA treatment.

3, the environment, patients need to try to reduce water pollution. Tehy Should avoid contact with certain pathogenic phenolic chemicals, such as antioxidants light quinone derivatives as raw materials of rubber protective gloves, made of some synthetic rubber sandals, of occupational contact such as butyl phenol, hydroquinone and hydroquinone single benzene ether, beta hydrochloric acid and sulfur ethylamine chemicals people are just as likely to produce the possibility of occupational leukoplakia.

4, patients should be careful of the skin trauma. Trauma can make the wound skin white may damage caused due to local trauma at the nerve fibers, or the body in a high stress state, so that the body's neuroendocrine system dysfunction, reduced the synthesis of melanin metabolism.


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