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How Does Smoking Influences Vitiligo

Health Care Of Young Vitiligo Patients Even though we all know that smoking is harmful to health, but most of male friends still like smoking, and many male friends for smoking will impact of vitiligo is not very understanding, in fact, smoking to the skin have great influence, concrete under the influence of we the common solution.

Studies have shown that tobacco contains many kinds of harmful substances, mainly nicotine, Jiao Shan, free radical, phenols material, multi ring aromatic hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, a variety of heavy metals (cadmium, nickel, lead, arsenic, etc.), on the human body systems, multiple organ have a strong toxicity, oxygen content decreased, lower immune function, the cause of cancer. A very big impact, the condition of patients with vitiligo rehabilitation in cigarettes is harmful to health.

Phenolic substances in cigarettes into the human body, the melanin cell damage can not be estimated, which makes the normal structure and function of the disorder, leading to a large reduction in melanin synthesis. Male smoking of vitiligo have what effect? Study found that phenolic compounds are toxic, it on the melanin cell membrane and keratinocytes damage. This is why people wear rubber gloves to vitiligo with rubber containing a large number of phenolic substances have great relationship.

Finally, long-term smoking makes people always in a state of excitement, the body's nerve medium or catecholamine synthesis increase, these substances in the synthesis process of a large number of consumption of the body's tyrosine. Male smoking of vitiligo have what effect? Tyrosine is one of the substances essential for synthesis of melanin, a large number of neurotransmitters and catecholamine increase the lack of the melanin synthesis is required for tyrosine, resulting in reduced melanin synthesis. This is also detrimental to the impact of vitiligo.

Vitiligo patients need to quit smoking, this is common sense, but also the fact that patients must abide by. Smoking is harmful to health, but many people still want to risk smoking risked damaging health. Especially in patients with vitiligo. Smoking is harmful to the vitiligo is very big.

Above is all about "how does smoking influences vitiligo". Therefore, in order to as soon as possible to cure vitiligo, male friend must give up smoking, not to mention we already know smoking is harmful to the health of the fact that it? We believe that in order to health will stay away from cigarettes!


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