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Health Care Of Young Vitiligo Patients

Health Care Of Young Vitiligo Patients smokingNow, as we all know, vitiligo, in fact suffering from vitiligo disease can say will bring great harm to patients, and even serious impact on people's external image and appearance. Therefore, everyone should be promptly treatment and nursing, the daily care how vitiligo do? The following specific introduction about it :

1, vitiligo patients need to do scientific and healthy diet, according to the patient's condition is suitable for their own food 1, vitiligo patients need to do scientific and healthy diet, according to the patient's condition is suitable for their own food, it is recommended vitiligo patients can eat more containing tyrosine and minerals in food, such as meat, eggs, milk, animal offal, fresh vegetables, beans, black sesame seeds, raisins, nuts and other. However, eat or not eat food containing vitamin A, vitamin loss or affect the formation of melanin melanin.

2, any disease nursing the main is a good state of mind, every day, don't be sad to have a healthy and positive attitude, keep a mood cheerful, doctors said that because of mental stimulation can lead to vitiligo. Therefore, the patient received treatment, avoid the stimulation. Because of anxiety, fear, pessimism, will affect the patient's neurological function, is not conducive to treatment, and may aggravate the condition.

3, patients with vitiligo can be appropriate to go out to bask in the sun, there is a beautiful mood, the sun of vitiligo skin recovery better, due to the occurrence of vitiligo, because of genetic, immunity, mental factors, causing local skin and hair follicle melanin synthesis obstacles. However, the sun's ultraviolet rays can promote the metabolism of melanin, so the sun, the sun can make melanoma cells migrate to the cortex, so that the skin color deepened, in favor of the treatment of vitiligo.

Vitiligo daily health care how vitiligo it? Experts say vitiligo harm is very big, hope with vitiligo to normal hospital for treatment, more about patients with vitiligo care how good questions may consult the experts.


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