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Healthy Living Tips For Skin Disease

Healthy LivingIts is very important for us to have a healthy living habit especially for those who has skin disease. So here are some healthy living tips which listed for patients who has skin disease:

1,study and health knowledge of skin protection, enhancing skin health.

(1)avoid skin damage: some skin lesions should be treated in time to prevent secondary infection.

(2)Always keep clean of the skin: the simplest way to make the skin clean is wash with water and soap.The elderly and children, the skin is dry, should use greasy soap

2,Strengthen physical exercise can improve the resistibility. There are two ways

(1)Strengthen physical exercise can improve the skin nutritional status, it can benefit on skin directly.

(2)Appropriate sun bath:sun bath can make the skin blood vessels to dilate, promote skin metabolism, increase skin nutrition and prevent the skin disease.

3 Skin care

(1)skin clean is very important especially for skin disease,it is prohibited to use the allergic or irritant cosmetics. Wash face with warm water.

4 regular lifestyle , prohibit to excessive mental tension like anger, tension,etc

5 do not eat so much Allergic and irritant food, eat more vegetables and beans, drink more water.


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