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Rightful Daily Caring Ways Of Vitiligo

Rightful Daily Caring Ways Of VitiligoVitiligo is a kind of complicated skin disease ,which is easy to reoccure, so patients needs to do a good protection in their daily life. Here are the detaiked introduction about how to keep a good daily caring.

Vitiligo patients need to keep a good state of mind, mentality of patients with vitiligo to be optimistic, avoid mental stress is too, in case of negative emotions to early regulation, to a good mood to accept treatment, which is conducive to disease rehabilitation.

Here are the daily protection measures of vitiligo

1,Exercise. Patients with vitiligo should often do some sports activities, maintain a healthy physique, promote blood circulation, improve their immunity.

Smoking drinking. Patients with vitiligo to avoid smoking drinking, continue to harm the body's immune function of the skin damage stimuli.

2, Avoid contact with phenol and quinone chemicals. These substances can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and directly make skin discoloration. Common in cosmetics, disinfectants, rubber products, the use of caution. Hair dye containing aniline substances, leukoplakia patients should not be used.

3,Pay attention to their daily clothes. Patients with vitiligo should be as far as possible loose clothing, in order to prevent damage to the skin blood circulation. Chemical fiber fabrics and hair products should not be used for personal wear, to avoid skin allergic reaction.

4,Beware of trauma. Including trauma, sun burns, frostbite and other, vitiligo patients affected by trauma, easy to form the same type reaction induced vitiligo disease attack.

5,prevent from environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is one of the causes of vitiligo to avoid pollution of the environment to stay away from pollution more serious areas, selection of green food (pollution-free pest free food), pay attention to science to remove pesticide residues in food, vegetables and fruits is very necessary.

To sum up,the scientific and academic always walk in the forefront of the national, Beijing Mei di TCM vitiligo treatment center since its inception, it has been committed to the vitiligo clinical research and technological innovation. After an arduous struggle, has achieved significant results: who twice won the national natural scientific research project funding; research work in the field of autoimmune vitiligo, genetic skin diseases and medical fungi in the domestic leading position in continuous exploration, to pursue a scientific attitude, superb medical skill, it has brought many rehabilitation cases for many vitiligo patients . 


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