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How Does Vitiligo Patients Face Mental pressures

How Does Vitiligo Patients Face Mental pressuresAs we all know that all kinds of pressure and white patches in life brings a lot of mental distress to vitiligo patients, in the invisible increase the condition of vitiligo. How does vitiligo patients face these pressures?

There are a lot of patients with vitiligo do not have a correct understanding, they often look depressed, depression or fear sadness, bad mood, they arenot good at communication to relatives and friends or talk, and even thoughts of suicide, which itself is not conducive to disease rehabilitation and these negative factors will through endocrine role, thymosin degradation, immune lymphocytes mature hampered, affect the body's immune system defense function, white spots are more easy development, diffusion, bring greater difficulty to the treatment. In addition, excessive tension will cause the body to secrete excessive adrenaline, adrenaline on the metabolism of melanin plays an inhibitory role. Thus, it is possible to induce the recurrence of vitiligo. According to clinical observation, the inquiry found, often the onset of vitiligo, the spread of the peak appeared in the maximum pressure of work and study, such as college entrance examination on the eve of the countdown to stay up late to catch the engineering stage, vitiligo whether the occurrence or development will speed up. Mental stress, although it is not possible to unilaterally lead to vitiligo, but it is induced, increased, and promote the vitiligo a major auxiliary factors."

However, now the pace of our life is gradually speeding up, there are a lot of people constantly faced with some from life, family and work on the big pressure, so vitiligo patients should learn to self regulate, maintain a healthy state of mind, for the equanimity emergencies, away from vitiligo incentives, "by depressed pathogenic" or "illness caused by the depression" factor of health and black pigment metabolism have influence. Patients should not get angry or emotional in the period of the treatment , patients should work to eliminate the trouble and sorrow, and give full play to the subjective positive factors, according to their own interests and hobbies, choose to adjust the state of mind, take part in sports or music and pay attention to the the vitiligo diet. The best morning to participate in group activities, during the illness should pay attention to work and rest, to ensure adequate sleep, regular diet, work and rest. These good habits of life for the treatment of vitiligo will play a positive role. Although vitiligo is a chronic illness, but with the continuous development of medicine, vitiligo can be cured.


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