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Correct Healthy Living Of Psoriasis

Correct Healthy Living Of PsoriasisAs we all know that the cause of psoriasis is a complex and very difficult to treat skin diseases. Now more and more patients have been suffering from this disease, but also in our life is more and more common. There are many patients only know to find some regular hospital for examination and treatment,but patients do not know how to do health care. Now lets understand the correct way of life in patients with psoriasis and psoriasis related knowledge is introduced.

The correct way of living with psoriasis


Try not to work in the humid environment do not rain, water and sun. Room to keep dry, often ventilated.

Mental factor

Due to mental stress and strain can be excited relapse and aggravating, so patients should always maintain a good mood, do have a bright and cheerful disposition, spacious mind, failing to panic, face the reality, resilient, relaxed freely, so no matter to themselves or others have good help and significance.

Pay attention to physical exercise

With adequate exercise, patients will have a normal diet and physical fitness, but also do not excessive fatigue, such as (play running do gymnastics, etc.) can also reduce mental stress through exercise, help to restore the condition.

Disease prevention

Such as colds, tonsillitis, or infectious disease, should be timely treatment, prevention of psoriasis to aggravate or cause recurrence.

External pathogenic factors of psoriasis

The first : Season

Psoriasis is a seasonal skin disease, the disease is mostly good hair autumn and winter, a small part of the incidence of other seasons, some cases have obvious seasonal relationship. Part of the patient in the fall and winter onset or exacerbation of summer to reduce or subside.

Second: Trauma

In the course of some psoriasis patients , especially when psoriasis is geting severely , the time after trauma or surgery, the local will occur the skin lesions of psoriasis, or is the emergence of new skin lesions of psoriasis in the skin, the eye of a needle injection. This kind of phenomenon, which is caused by trauma in the local appearance of typical psoriasis, it is called the Isomorphic reaction

Third : Environment

Through scientific investigation, currently found in the air humidity, cleanliness, altitude, air pressure, air temperature, water quality, microbial ecology are factors that affect the psoriasis; air pollution, pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful substances to the body of harmful stimulation can also be from different pathways to impair the immune system and metabolism balance and cause psoriasis.


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