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Health Care Of Pregnant Psoriasis Patient

Health Care Of Pregnant Psoriasis PatientPregnant women needs a comprehensive nutritional supplement as they are the special group , but psoriasis has a lot of diet taboo, the pregnant women with psoriasis patients should not eat spicy, fishy foods and other foods can be selected according to the needs of the body, to guarantee the balanced nutrition. Pregnant women with psoriasis patients do not eat hot tonic, to avoid aggravating the condition. Pregnant women with psoriasis patients should pay attention to scientific medication, so as not to cause the baby's health impact. Because psoriasis is inherited, it is recommended to women with psoriasis cure after re birth, so as to avoid due to pregnancy and treatment of psoriasis drugs can not be

Opinions and suggestions: female psoriasis pregnant patients should adhere to the treatment of female patients with psoriasis during pregnancy, in order to avoid the occurrence of generalized pustular psoriasis. Especially in pregnancy in late should pay attention to and pregnant women with generalized pustular psoriasis systemic symptoms serious, due to heart failure, body temperature regulation disorder or renal failure and death.

Pregnant women with psoriasis patients must pay attention to adjust the mood, depression is an important factor in inducing and aggravating psoriasis. Many pregnant women are most worried about is that their disease will not be inherited to the child. Clinical data show that the genetic rate of psoriasis is about 30%. These 30% genetic rate is mostly recessive, as long as the child is born to pay attention to daily life care, basically do not have psoriasis. Pregnant women with psoriasis patients should be put aside concerns, to maintain an optimistic attitude, which is good for the fetus or the disease.


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