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Limitations Of Localized Vitiligo

Limitations Of Localized VitiligoThe treatment of localized vitiligo is a long process, the induce factors of vitiligo are various,there are also couple of daily attention things to do , patients should do the daily nursing work during the treatment in order to affect to the disease, and increase the difficulty to the vitiligo treatment, and also bring more serious consequence to the patient. So, what are the limitations of vitiligo treatment?

1, vitiligo patients should try to avoid skin damage, such as burns, sunburn, frostbite, ultraviolet radiation, infection and other factors. It can easily lead to exacerbations or recurrent, so vitiligo patients should deal with it correctly after affected by trauma in order to avoid the skin infection, when the ultraviolet is relatively strong , vitiligo patients should do a good nursing job, daily dressing should not too tight also.

2, the diet taboos is very important, vitiligo patients should try to avoid spicy, seafood, food which contains rich in vitamin , these diets have a certain influence to the vitiligo treatment ,vitiligo patients should also cultivate a good diet habits, do not partial eclipse, picky eaters, supplyment more certain trace element which body need or lack of, foods such as fruits and vegetables are also benefit to the vitiligo disease,it is conducive to vitiligo disease treatment.

3, consolidation therapy, vitiligo disease can be easily recurrented, patients should never give up in halfway when they are under the treatment, the duration of vitiligo treatment takes long time , which requires patients to adhere to treatment, patients should not immediately stop treatment after finishing treatment, patients need to consolidate some time in order to ensure the thoroughly cure, and prevent relapse rate. Patients also need to do self- care during the treatment, so as not to affect the treatment effect.

4, patients need to learn how to adjust the mood, emotional changes will have a certain effect on the vitiligo treatment . According to some dedical statistics, there are 2/3 of the localized vitiligo patients have some relatively large mental stress in the early onset of the disease, and often with mental trauma, excessive fatigue, excessive thinking, etc.. The localized vitiligo patients should pay attention to their work and rest, they should keep a good mood, and also accept a treatment with a positive attitude


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