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Health Care Of Joint Psoriasis

Health Care Of Joint PsoriasisPsoriasis is a common chronic skin disease, the cause of psoriasis is still unknown, so it is very difficult to heal it. When it comes to the treatment for psoriasi, it not only requires to timely symptomatic treat it, but also the psoriasis care can not be ignored. Spring is the season which easily induce psoriasis , so, the question is how to do health care for joint psoriasis?Psoriasis maintenance is very important forpsoriasis cure , psoriasis maintenance methods are as following several points:

1, joint psoriasis diet should pay attention to absorbing the excess cut protein, the superfluous protein will lead to the calcium loss of the body. Patients with joint psoriasis should add more fruit and vegetables for body absorption, fruits and vegetables are rich in various vitamins, such as vitamin A, B, D, B12, etc., these vitamins can fully satisfied with the nutritional needs of psoriasis patients .

2, when it comes to the fat joint psoriasis patients, they should control their daily diet, and keep a reasonable downsizing to reduce joint acceptance of weight-bearing.

3, joint psoriasis should intake some high calcium food, such as milk, soy products, in order to ensure the normal metabolism of human bone needs.

4, Joint psoriasis patients should reduce the certain amount of exercise, exercise intensity and heavy physical labor, can be useful to reduce the burden of the joint psoriasis, and also postpone the Pathological changes.

5, the weather is super cold in winter, sp the keep point which prevent the joint psoriasis is keeping a warm body. Psoriasis Patients should prevent the joints from being cold, moist, and it is suggested to do some protections for their joint .


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