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Avoid Injury And Over Exposure To Prevent Getting Worse Of Vitiligo

Avoid Injury And Over Exposure To Prevent Getting Worse Of Vitiligo,VitiligoIf you always get over exposure under sun, it is easy to occur skin inflammation, especially the naked areas of your skin, such as face, head and hand. Those areas’ melanin are easy to be destroyed, losing the capability to synthesis melanin, finally it can trigger the occurrence of vitiligo.

In daily life, the patients should avoid the injury. No matter in study or work, you should protect yourself. A proper amount of UV can help patients to improve the condition, once the amount is over, the consumption of skin melanin cells will be increased, the toxin will also increase, then the areas of white patches will be enlarged.

The proper sports can also prevent the disease get worse, because any type of disease has a close relation with the patients’ immune system, so the proper sports can increase your immune capability, then the blood circulation is also stimulated, which excites the regeneration of melanin cells.

You should take more protein diets, avoid the vitamin C, such as the tomato, apple and orange.

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