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Winter Health Care Of Psoriasis

Winter Health Care Of PsoriasisAs we all known that the temperature in winter weather is very cold, vitiligo patients should pay special attention to keep their body warm, and do not let the psoriasis affected skin stimulated by the by cold air, it can aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis, winter diet is actually not the real factors of psoriasis, but some patients were induced psoriasis due to improper diet or even exacerbated, so patients should do a regular observation about the relationship between diet and disease development , once they found suspicious food, they should deactivated soon. The patient is not suggested to take spicy and oily food, they

Here are some valuable suggestions: Patients with psoriasis should not take bath regularly in winter but it doesn't mean they can't take bath, but there are some important instructions which they need to pay attention to , first, try to avoid using hot water when they take bath, thus it has a temporarily effect of antipruritic, but it can not improve psoriasis condition. It is recommended to take a hot spring bath if its possible, it has great effect to the psoriasis condition .

Here are some important Psoriasis winter health care ---- cultivate suitable, avoid the cold weather. In winter, the temperature difference is quite huge between morning and evening, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is also big, so the vitiligo patients should pay attention to keeping their body warm, and also strengthen physical protection, insist to take exercise daily, increase the body and food nutrition, they should effectively prevent from cold.

Meanwhile, vitiligo patients should keep a proper diet habit, in daily life, they should eat less spicyfood and meat. Eat less spicy greasy and dirty things, frink less alcohol. Eat more vegetables and fruits is good for their disease condition.

In addition, they should choose and take medicine in appropriate way, in case of aggravating the disease condition by taking medicine blindly.

Whatsmore , they should wear pure cotton materials underwear in winter. Chemical fiber clothing or wool clothing is not suggested to wear, it can directly contact with the skin, and some patients will be allergic to it, it is very bad stimulation to the skin.


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