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Preventive Knowledge Of Vitiligo

Preventive Knowledge Of VitiligoAs we all known that vitiligo is a very complex skin disease , any internal or external factors can trigger it. So vitiligo patients should also know some basic daily prevention methods of vitiligo. Here are some valuable tips:

1, food taboo: there are not allowed to take spicy, wine, mutton, seafood, and couple of fruits which contains rich in vitamin C , such as: oranges, grapes, hawthorn, strawberry, grapefruit, etc..

2, vitiligo patients should try to eat more food which contains rich in lattice amino acids and minerals , and hard shell foods: pork, chicken, black sesame seeds, eggs, almond, eggplant, black fungus, kelp, black beans, peanuts and other stuffs.

3, meanwhile, patients need to maintain a cheerful open-minded mood, try to avoid from anxiety and bad mood, like sorrow, over thinking, anger and other negative emotional stimulation.

4, In addition, patients should try to establish a good regular living , try to avoid disorder of the body's biological clock , and neuroendocrine disorders.

5, combination of work and rest, try to avoid from overwork.

6, patients should pay attention to avoid long time exposure to strong sunlight. Many patients induced from vitiligo due to mostly summer travel, or work , it cause recurrence result. It is very important to catch the best opportunity to actively get the treatment. patient should get thenself into hospital timely for treatment once they found the accurate symptoms of vitiligo, so as to take advantage of the disease has not been developed early , they should get treatment actively, so that they can get a better treatment effect, and control the disease from its root.


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