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Winter Heath Protection Of Psoriasis

Winter Heath Protection Of PsoriasisWinter is the high incidence season of psoriasis, Recently, when the winter comes, the temperature also begin to decrease gradually, if the psoriasis patient is affected by cold stimulation, it will produce a series of physiological changes, such as thyroid hormone, increase adrenal hormone secretion , it is harmful to the original stomach ulcers and other gastric diseases,. Meanwhile, this time is also a high prevalence season of stomach disease. So, psoriasis patients with gastric disease should pay special attention to the abdomen warm during season changes, it is suggested to take some relatively exercise in order to improve the blood circulation of gastrointestinal tract, and also improve the cold resistant ability of individuals, so it can not affect the psoriasis treatment. When it drop Into the fall, psoriasis patients diet also need to pay special attention to, patients with psoriasis should eat regularly and timely, make sure they eat cold drinks and fruit quantitative, and also try to avoid overheat, too spicy food in order to prevent aggravating gastric disease. In addition, autumn tonic food is to help patients with psoriasis supply their body nutrition and improve the resistance and immunity of the individual, but the patient with psoriasis should remember to take nutrients food appropriately , but it is not suggesred to take medicine as their meal.


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