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Can Psoriasis Patients Often Drink Tea

Can Psoriasis Patients Often Drink Tea There is one more concerned question among psoriasis patients, that is can psoriasis patients often drink tea? Is tea good for their health ?now the psoriasis experts has givena clearly answer,If the patient can drink tea as in right way,it can not only enhance the body immunity, but also has a detoxification effect, so these benefits can not be ignored by patients. Drinking more tea can prevent many diseases, tea leaves contains tea polyphenols which can against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus and has killing effect, often drinking tea  can preventthecold, viral diarrhea ..

The tea is also good for preventing all kinds of enteric diseases, tea polyphenols can make the protein coagulation precipitation. The combination of tea polyphenols and single cell bacteria can be solidified by the bacteria, and the bacteria can be killed. Such as kill the risk of malignancy of cholera, typhoid bacillus, colon bacillus

In addition, psoriasis patients shouldoften drink tea because it can purify the bowel, detoxification. However, the patient should not drink too much strong and purely tea in their daily life , try to drink some green tea , during the medication  times,it is not recommended to drink tea, avoid some side affect , so it is not conducive to psoriasis cure technique and rehabilitation. Psoriasis patient can drink tea, but they need to avoid some of thetaboos,such as do not drink it while taking medicine.


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