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How Does Vitiligo Patients Clean Their Cloth

How Does Vitiligo Patients Clean Their ClothVitiligo is a skin disease which easy to recurrence , so vitiligo patients should pay more attention to the daily health care and nursing. So, here is the question, how does vitiligo patients clean their cloth?

There are many potential factors which triggers vitiligo ,But among these factors, the repeated friction is one of the important reasons which lead to the formation of vitiligo. Therefore, vitiligo patients should choose some soft and comfortable clothes when they are selecting the cloth, cloth which made of cotton, silk clothes, linen, leather and other hard rough clothes are not suggested for vitiligo patients. In addition,patients should also pay attention on the material of clothes, patients should try to use the clothes made of natural fibers, try not to wear clothes made of chemical fiber materials, such as polyester, nylon, and so on, wearing cloth must be good in ventilation.Meanwhile, when patients buy new clothes , they should wash it before they wear it can not only sterilization and reduce the infection rate, but also can make clothing more soft.

In addition,when Patients are wearing clothes, they should make sure that the cloth has been sterilized and washed, and the make them drying through out the sunlight. Even the new clothes must be washed before wearing it, Meanwhile, the clothes which has been washed can effectively remove bacteria, ans also can avoid bacterial infection induced skin lesions; on the other hand, the wash dry clothes are more soft, there would be less skin lesions .

Due to the sensitivity skin that vitiligo patients have, patients should try to wash and change their clothes regularly. During the laundry process, it is not suggested to use disinfected, try to avoid using soap, and also try to use less washing powder, if they want to use washing powder, try to select power with no detergent. Patients should clean the cloth again and again when they finish washing to ensure no soap or washing powder left.


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