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How Does Vitiligo Patient Keep A Scientific Nursing Care

How Does Vitiligo Patient Keep A Scientific Nursing CareVitiligo is a long-term stubborn skin disease, people who have it,they just wanna get ride of it as soon as possible. So there is a question, that is how does vitiligo patients keep a scientific nursing care . Here are some valuable tips for keeping a scientific nursing care.

1, patients should rational take drugs under the instructors of the doctor . patients should intake certain amount of medications in time, do not change the dose or intake medication time. patients may encounter some unexpected situations during the treatment , such as cold, trauma, allergies, etc. When they face these kinds of situations, they should be kept in contact with the doctor as soon as possible in order to deal with treatment actively and correctly . Meanwhile ,Vitiligo treatment should have a clearly improvement in the 15 to 30 days , if there is no expected effect, patients should contact with the doctor in time, adjust the treatment method under the guidance of doctor . Therefore,patients should get a clearly diagnosis in every half month.

2, Patients need to try to avoid all kinds of chemicals, such as :hydroquinone single benzene ether , which is used as rubber antioxidant, regular contact with rubber products such as rubber gloves, rubber laces, it often caused by the partial bleaching, white spots appear and in distant parts also occurred of white spot lesions.

3, here are some valuable suggestion which vitiligo patients need to pay their attention to it : regular exposure in the sun, because the occurrence of vitiligo is influenced by s series of genetic, immune, mental and other factors, and it cause obstacles of local skin and hair follicles within the melanin synthesis . And the sun's ultraviolet rays can promote the metabolism of melanin, so the appropriate sunlight bath, can make the dark pigment cells transferred to the cortex, so that it can deepened the skin color,and it can help the vitiligo treatment . But in the hot summer, the sun's ultraviolet rays can inhibit the metabolism of melanin, it is not conducive to the synthesis of melanin, so patients should try to avoid sun exposure in the summer .

4, In addition, patients should maintain a good state of mind: vitiligo Patients can be stressful due to mental burden and psychological stress, people with mental and social burden are more easily lost their confidence and the courage to live. Therefore, vitiligo patients should pay attention to the cultivation of psychological quality,try to learn how to adapt to abnormal mood, and relieve the contradiction and pressure, which is good for the individual's work life and an early health.

5, vitiligo patients also need to to do some necessary physical exercise in order to strengthen their own recuperation,and maintain optimism mood: there is a close connection between People's emotional change and health, the abnormal emotional reaction is the intrinsic factor of disease. Therefore, vitiligo patients should try to adjust their own state of mind during their life and work, and learn how to control the abnormal emotional response, eventually.improve their own environmental resilience. It will greatly improve their current vitiligo situation.


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